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you can fully build a sohc vtec but then youll be at the same power output as a b16 or b18c with bolt ons.

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yup, i just want a fully build D series motor. so when i pop the hood, all you gonna see is the intake and header. sure its going to be a little harder to make the D series faster but, its going to be in a very very light weight car. bye bye interior

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hit up the skunk2 website, they just realeased a whole bunch of stuff for the sohc vtec. intakemanifold, valve springs, retainers, valves, cam etc

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I have a SOHC civic. Hope you guys don't mind me posting in the CRX forum.......

I've got 200hp easy on my 98 SOHC EX motor. ALL MOTOR. Here's what I got.... yes it's RARE to see, and
SELECTSCAR is right, it does put you in a more 'select' class...

16" Konig Toxxins
Low Profile Yokohama
Intrax 3" Drop Springs
Arospeed front upper strut bar
Arospeed rear lower strut bar

DC Sports stainless steel headers
HKS Super Dragger Exhaust (cat back)
Jacobs Electronics Pro Street Ultra Team Ignition
NGK Spark Plug Wires & spark plugs
AEM Cold Air Intake
AEM underdrive pulley kit
AEM adjustable cam gear
AEM Hi-flo Fuel Rail
AEM Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
Venom SuperCool Fuel Pump
Venom 320cc Fuel Injectors
Vtec Control & Indicator

Engine build up, bulletproofed:
Match Ported & Polished Head
Angle milled surface
3 angle valve grind w/ new guides and seals
Back cut and swirl polished valves
Line honed cam journals
Reed camshaft
Crowler valve springs
Reconditioned, lightened connecting rods
Grind and polished crankshaft
Vatted, Bored 50 over (.50 oversize)
High Compression (11:1) forged Arius Pistons
w/ 4cc dish and valve recess mods
Balanced complete rolling assembly
Clevite 77 rod bearings
Total Seal piston rings
Modified oil pump for increased flow
Timing belt, tensioner, water pump, thermostat
Complete seal kit all seals top to bottom
*built with plans for 200shot NOS, 93 octane fuel.
** Final Compression Ratio 11.25:1

Lightning Cell Auto/Audio Battery
Kenwood flip face head unit
Kenwood 4ch 400w amp pushing
two kenwood 6X9's and
two kenwood 5 1/4's
Kenwood 2ch 600w amp pushing
two kenwood 10" tornados
15" Orion XTR sub powered by
600w DHD powercruiser amp
Dynamatted trunk, interior and panels
...i'm gonna build it in one day.... maybe

Altezza Taillights
StreetGlow Blue Undercar Neons
Ignited* Push Button Start
Cusom SilverPearl Paint
Shaved Handles & molding
Omega Security System w/
remote Door Pop.
GTR/Saleen Double Bladed Spoiler
Stillen Front End
Japanese Blue Catz XLO foglamps
Erebuni Shogun side skirts
Tsunami rear bumper cover
One Wiper... oh
APC Side Marker Lights
Blue H emblem for front
Red H emblem for rear
Hyper White Headlights
Custom Euro/Clear Headlights
Modern Image Graphics
Race Pedals, Shiftnob, & E-brake
Custom Painted blue interior
w/ silver accents
Custom Upholsterred Backseat
and doorpanel fabric
Front seat covers
Dyed carpet and floor mats
Engine Dress Up Kit

...I'll admit, the ricey stuff don't make you faster... but I like it!

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thanks, i appreciate the comments! If that's your pic in your sig, you've got a SWEET ride TOO!

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you ever think about dynoing your car CivicNOS1?

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all the time! I wish I HAD a dyno so I can tune that beast to perfection every weekend!

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I remeber there was a guy on the board that had a NA D16 that ran in the 13's... and I also heard about some pro drag racr that has a D15 that's in the 10-11's.... so it's possible, but it's gonna take some fine tuning and mucho $$$

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it's already a $40,000 civic. What's a few more thousand!>?

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SOHC's are just as good

You can build a sohc to a point where it will be as good or even better than B series.. If you did some internal work to a D series, it will be much better than a B series with just the bolt ons... There's a guy that's hitting 13's, all motor... and he's hoping (and he probably will) to dip in the 12's soon... just with a D series motor. Check out Wouldn't it feel good when you smoke the DOHC's with your little SOHC? And when you pop your hood for 'em and they just see a single overhead, they'll be looking for the nitros... and they find nothing... Hahahaha...

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I have always loved the D series motors. The D16z6 is a great motor to work with. It has a shit load of potential. Good luck

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what would it take to hit high 14s on a SOHC VTEC motor in a crx/hatch. lets use the base models, HFand DX with interior weight reduction. im not familar on SOHC im used to the DOHC's as you can see in my sig. BTW i love being the underdog

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SOHC rules - that's all I have to say


maybe not

ok... I've wasted so many DOHC civics and CRX's it's funny... I think my proudest accomplishment was wasting an integra with an H22 with bolt ons.. he thought I had a loaded B18 in there and when I popped the hood for him to see my 1.5L SOHC powerplant he freaked and wanted to race again... sadly, I had fried my head gasket and was losing compression.. so we still have yet to schedual the rematch.. but fuck.. I know I'll waste him again..
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