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NA king

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I've seen powerful FIpreludes and all. but what about all those ppl running NA setups??
Please post your mods and power figures for all those NA ppl.
and you quickest /14 mile pass.
the purpose of this is to show ppl what works and what doesnt.

thanks guys/gals.
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Skunk2Integra said:
NA is our specialty.
and i want ur intake manifold:D:D:D
Just finished buying all of my parts and took pics yesterday. I'll be posting the pics soon here's my setup:

Ported & Polished Head
Crower Stage 2 Cams
Crower Cams gears
Crower Springs & Retainers
Crower 1mm oversize SS Valves (Intake&Exhaust)
Type S pistons
Eagle ESP forged Rods
Feramic clutch
DC 4-2-1 headers
Thermal Cat Back Exhaust
OBD 1 p72 ECU w/ skunk 2 conversion wiring harness
Hondata Stage 3 EMS
Hondata intake manifold Heatsheild gasket
bosch Fuel pump

Still too come:
UO 2 pc pulley set
bored out TB
Skunk intake manifold (whenever it comes)
Quaife LSD (mid summer)
50 shot of NOS (still researching?)

I took a couple of shots of all my parts on the floor in my basement yesterday and am not sure how to post the pictures. Would anyone be willing to post them for me or give me a quick lesson on how to post them?:)

As for HP figures or 1/4 mile times I have no idea I'm guessing low 14's maybe high 13's w/ slicks? When I get the LSD things will be much better. For any of you guys who have heavily modded cars an LSD make your driving experience much better. I'll keep you posted and will have dyno plots after my hondata is tuned....:D
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thats some setup dude. hope u get it in soon and see the results..
prolly pull some high 13's.
what is so significant about the h22 manifold???
how come everyone is talking about it...
by the way what is the comp ratio for the type S piston and how much are they worth? cos i was gonna get the JUN pistons. but might opt for the type S instead..
Look at your stock H22 manifold and look at a ITR one. What a difference...
really interested in learning more about N/A and the lude, any idea's where would be an ideal place to do some research besides SHO that is :) thanks.

- rony
I've decided to go with the type S pistons because I wanted to bump up my compression about a point to 11:1 so the type S pistons will do this for me at a very good price $490 Canadian w/ rings. All other pistons we're about double that and since I don't need forged pistons I decided on the type s pistons. Most NA setups don't require forged pistons so if I we're you I'd buy the type s pistons and the buy something else w the leftover money. Also watch out what compression you pick and realize that the higher you go with the compression the more important things like high octane gas become. My mechanic said no lower than 94 octane w/ my setup?

There is on lesson I want to share with everyone thinking of doing an NA setup. If you do it when your done your calculations of how much everything is gonna cost you, times that number by two and you'll get the real cost :eek:

My project cost me way more than I thought it would, but WTF cares It's just money right?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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