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i'am going to build a NA zc ...

my plans r:

headwork { port, polish and cut}
integra ecu

what do you guys think this should net me?

if you have any more suggestions on worki can do plese let me know...


THE CRX LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hey nice to see someone doing the same thing!

thats a pretty good start but much more is needed :)
what other work can i do to increase performance?

also heres the update.

i have located a shop that sells Koni shocks for my car
so the car should sit good on the road..

i'am also battling with rim size..
i cant decide if 15 or 16 inch rims.... i want to look good and also be fast?

help me out guys
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15 or 16 are good but I wouldn't go much bigger. If you want to keep performance well you can. You want to keep the weight of each rim and tire down as low as you can also you don't want to change the diameter of your wheel too much. So if you go with a bigger rim go will a smaller side wall. IF you want nice light rims go with volk raceing. $$$ if you got it. As for a NA ZC way to go rember you can use just about anything that is used for a D16. Some stronger lighter rods and high compression pistons would be a good idea as well as a upgraded ignition system. Good luck
so far i have i/h/e, eagle NA rods, 11.5:1 comp stage 4 clutch

but remember most of the power is made in the head...its all in the head
what about cams?

where can i get them from?
gude sells cams for the zc... r they any good?
anyone have the specs for them?
will the cams for the non-vtec 1800 fit the zc?how much can i cut my head?
bullfrog wants too much for some regrinds, i would not reccomend them due to the fact that you can buy some HKS cams for the same or CHEAPER, no 1800 (1.8 B SERIES) cams will not fit because they are B series 86-89 teg cams fit though
I would be careful about milling a head....there are better ways to raise the compression.....pistons, head gaskets...but If you mill the head, then you limit the ablility to machine it down if it warps... unless you get some sic valve work done, then they will need to mill the head to get the compression back to where it should be.

Also if you do get the head milled, or you go with the higher compression head gasket, keep in mind that you're actually moving the head closer to the pistons, so the timing will be a little more off, so you'll want to get cam gears, and do some dyno tuning, to get the timing to be better suited to the head/block combo.

If you get a nice valve job from a reputable company, and maybe some lightweight valves with stronger springs, and retainers, added with some stronger rods, and high compression pistons, you'll have one hell of a motor....
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you ever think about giving crower a call for a regrind or a custom cam?
DOHC EF3---- what is the engine code

what is the engine code for the 89-90 integra that have the same cams as the zc?

where can i get some from?

UPDATE... i now have an intake, header, breather filters and magnaflow exaust...

i'll keep you guys posted
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d16a1...i think
I thought that the D-series were all SOHC, and the B-series were all DOHC. So the first gen integra would have been the B16 (non vtec), then the second and third gen would have been B18- (vtec and non vtec)
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