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Nakajima NSX and GT300 Ferrari switch to Dunlop

Dunlop strengthens its presence, supporting strong teams in both GT500 and GT300

With a total of nine victories in the JGTC and successive 2nd place in the teams' standings, it was announced the crack Nakajima Racing NSX will run on Dunlop rubber this season. Also, the highly-rated GT300-class Team GAINER, running the Ferrari F360 that scored its maiden win last year, will also use the same rubber. The squad came 3rd in both the drivers' and teams' standings last season.

The Dunlop brand, supplied by Sumitomo Rubber, have embarked on a much greater involvement in motorsports for the 2005 season, using Super GT (formerly JGTC) as the platform. The company will be supplying 2 teams in both the GT500 and GT300 class.

Until now, the GT500-class Kraft (Supra) and GT300 M-TEC (NSX) were the only outfits using the tires. 2005 sees GT500 squad Nakajima Planning (NSX), and GT300's Team GAINER (Ferrari F360) also being supplied.


2005 Dunlop Supporting Teams in SUPER GT
Class Team Car Drivers
GT500 Nakajima Planning HONDA NSX Andre Lotterer / Tsugio Matsuda
KRAFT TOYOTA Supra Naoki Hattori / Sigekazu Wakisaka
GT300 M-TEC HONDA NSX Haruki Kurosawa / T.B.N.
Team GAINER Ferrari F360 Tetsuya Tanaka / T.B.N.
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