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I have a 91 hatch that I needed the engine from. I've pulled the engine now I want this car gone.. I'll part it, cut it, sell it, then crush it..
If you need anything drop me a pm, or email jonathan _ terry1 at yahooooooo dot com.
I'll sell you what ever you need that this car has.. Its got 0 rust but the some of the panels have seen less dented days.
Bluish/gray looking interior..
Blue exterior...
Nothing real special, but if your needing some odd part and if this car has in good condition then all I'll want is paid for the time it takes to remove said part..
Oh by the way I work cheep. And I'll ship whatever you want.. I've shipped freight before so its no big deal if you need something large,, never shipped outside of USA,, Ill try but if something happens ..... IT ANIT MY FAULT! just letting you know.

I'm not keeping this car around forever if parts sale good, if not then it going to get recycled.( cause you know.. I care about our environment n all..)

I'll let you have the whole thing for $200..
It has a signed title, but I never bothered to get it notarized.

About the only good sheet metal is the hood, the hood is in really good shape.
Both the fenders are banged up.
drivers door is banged up.. well most of the drivers side is banged up..

Right side is in pretty good shape,, WITH 0 rust!!!!!!

If you need the rear 1/4 cut I can do that, just tell me where you want it sliced at.. I wont cut it up until I have my labor prepaid though..

All the glass is good,, I can pull any glass you may need..

The hatch is in good shape. Paint on the top has clear missing,,
Well I'll have pictures up sometime soon so just be patient..

I'll get emails quicker so if your like ughhhhh I got to have it now.. just remember that.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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