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Need Advice ! ! ! ! ! !

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Hey guys. Well I am debating if I should sell my car ('00 Civic Ex) so I can purchase a previous generation hatch. I have always liked the hatchbacks , but I do like the coupes also.

My reasoning to sell my car is to have a decent amount of money to put into a fairly stock hatch. I know my current car is only 2 years old but I feel I would be getting more of my money's worth buying a slightly older car that I can put cash into immediately.

What should I do ? How much do you think I could get ? Is it better to return it to stock or leave on all the aftermarket parts ?

ANY FEEDBACK IS GREATLY APPRECIATED........ car has the following mods:
2000 Civic Ex 48,xxx miles (highway driving)

Black Widow ; Front / Rear
Shaved Civic,EX emblems on trunk(only honda badge left)
Back 3 windows tinted (left fronts untouched)
AEM Tru-Power Pullies
Ractive Header
Naxus Muffler w/ piping custom bent to fit the BW rear.

Pioneer Deh-P6400
Pioneer GM-X962 760 Watt AMP
Two 12" Rockford HE's in Bandpass
Rockford 8 gauge wiring used.
Rockford Battery terminal hookup.
2 Color Indiglo Gauges
Interior Neon Tube

So.................What should I do ??????????????????
I am sooooooo confused.
BTW I paid $13,500 for the car in May and it has a 3 year Bumper to Bumper warranty on it.
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Get an SUV, be like me:)!
You'll get a better price, and have more options of who to sell it to if you return the car to stock. I recently did the exact same thing (except that the EX was bought by my parents), got rid of the 00 four door and bought myself a 95 Si. Some of your mods like the pulleys might just be too much of a pain to remove, and since most buyers probably wouldn't even notice them, I'd leave little stuff like that. But you could get a good deal of money for the audio stuff (or possibly reuse it), body kit, etc. I'd sell the car privately, you'll get a lot more than taking it to Carmax or something. Good luck man.

Thanks for the info bro. The direction you took is exactly what I want to do . Lets see what happens. I'll keep everyone informed.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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