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Need camber kit, want bushings.

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I have a 94 Civic coupe with -2* front and -.5* rear. What is the best kit for the money? I was thinking about the Ingall's kit with the urethane inserts. When I got the car aligned though, the guy told me I can't correct for the full 2* cause the upper ball joint would knock the fender. Is this right? What's a safe setting to avoid this with maximum tire wear?
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Anyone? What kits are available with both caster and camber adjustments? Are they worth the extra money? Are there any websites where they are offered?
I'm not really worried about the squeaking. I know it's a side effect of the urethane but I can live with it. I drive it less than twice a week and I plan to go full race eventually. Also I'm constantly messing with something on it so I won't mind lubing them often. Should I go with the Ingall's kit the maxes out at 1.75* of correction? Will I run into those clearance probs?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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