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need help getting my air/fuel gauge working

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there is 2 o2 sensors on my exhaust part of the car, one on the manifold and one on the exhaust pipe, or downpipe.

now, which one would be best for using with the gauge?
(its an autometer gauge)

this is what happens right now. when i start my car the led on the farthest to the rich side lights up and sometimes it goes from the furthest led on the rich side to the furthest led on the lean side and after that it shuts off and does nothing.

what could i be doing wrong?
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check to make sure the O2 sensor is in good shape. as to which O2 sensor, it depends on the ECU. but generally you put it to the more accurate one or the wider band O2 sensor.
It should read rich at startup, then gradually descend towards the lean. when you jab the throttle it should jump up to rich. at idle it may hang out in lean and move to rich real slow back and forth. At cruise, it should bounce back and forth, and at full throttle or at load, it should read rich. (at the instant you jab the throttle it may momentarily dip into the lean) assuming everyting is hooked up right
oh and it should be the one on the ehxaust manifold/header. tap in on the ECU side of the harness
I agree with carlos I got autometer carbon fiber stoich meter, I got it hooked up to the manifold sensor the only time you want to pay attention to it is when you put your foot down the rest of the time its very changleable rich when cold when you stop driving and at idle = lean ...then rich back to stoich, just make sure that shits rich when you put down your foot..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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