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need help guys...

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my 96 civic was broken into awhile back, in the process the bastards bent my steering column/shaft.:rolleyes: my question is can a steering column/shaft from a 97 teg work? reason im asking is b/c my neighbors parting his teg...thanx
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someone must know!? anyone?:confused:
Well, since he is your neighbor.. why dont you go get the part from him, see if it will work... if it does, then cool, if it dont then give it back...
tried that approach, see hes my neighbor, but not a friend...he won't remove the column unless i buy it 50, otherwise i can"'shove off"<-----his words...kinda a dick dont ya think.
are you talking about the whole stering colonm and ignition lock assembly or just the colounm because you need 2 special nuts that fit in the ignition lock to hold it on the colomn, but yes the colomn will fit. u need to chisel or drill the nuts out to switch the ignition lock assembly thats why u need the new nuts
not worried about the ignition, got that taken care off, just needed to know if the column would fit...thanx
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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