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Need help..need new shocks

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Hi superhonda members!
I'm trying to get a new shocks for my 96 Accord EX.
My choices are Koni reds, Tokico blues and OEM shocks.
They are all in $300 price range.
My car is 100% stock. Since comfy is my #1 concern, I'm not
gonna lower my car.
Which one should I get?
Which will be the best for my situation?
Is Koni reds or Tokico blues safe with stock springs??
Since my car ain't lowered, should I just spend around $200
and get the Monroe(?) Sense track??
Thanks again.
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if youre looking for ride quality and dont plan on dropping the car, then OEM shocks are gonna be the best riding ones since all the others are tuned for performance.
Just get oem Honda ones, don't get crap like moroes or whatever. I would stick to oem, since you are just staying stock. l8s
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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