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Hi All,

I have a problem with power steering whining noise after changing out the power steering pump on Accord V6. P/S pump was leak and I replaced the rebuilt one form Maval, Honda manufacture rebuild. After replacing the pump, whining noise in P/S system still exists eventhough I let it run for hours. I did swap out for the second pump, replace all Orings at pump and high pressure hose but still no luck, noise still in the system just like a leak somewhere and air gets inside the system. I checked for all possibility of leakage such as in high pressure hose as well as steering rack. There is no sign of leakage.
I also have the same noise problem in P/S when changing out the timing belt, water pump, just hanging loose and putting aside without disconnecting power steering pump. Is there anyway that I can eliminate this noise (whining noise in P/S)? I did have this problem before but after the vehicle running for awhile, noise is gone when all the air has been pushed out from the system. But this time, it seems to take forever. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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