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So my daughter's 03 Accord's lower end starting coming apart (190K miles) k24. I found a JDM K24A RAA and bought it.

Outside of the bolt-ons. everything else looked good. The difference was her original head has a 2-lobe intake and single lobe exhaust.
The JDM has 3-lobe cams on both. Also the vtec solenoid on the JDM had one connector (for the solenoid), where my daughter's car has two (oil sensor?).
Anyway, since the solenoid connector was messed up on my daughter's, I used the JDM one and added the oil sensor so it would mate to the wiring harness.

Got it in, started like a champ. Went for a road test and I started to get a real jerky response around 2500 rpm and failure to shift. I backed off on the throttle and it shifted. Foot to the floor and it sputters and pukes.

It threw a P2649 code for the Rocker A high. I suspect the vtec solenoid may be bad.

Like a dumba$$ I didn't check the strainers while the engine was on the stand.

Any advice for this poor dad trying to help his daughter out?
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