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Hey guys!

Steelcraft manufactured straight and round stainless steel bars for Honda Element. They are designed for 2003-2012 models. Check prices and other necessary details at Honda Element Truck Running Boards at

Choose between straight and round side bars! Which ones would you prefer?

SteelCraft® - Honda Element 2003-2006 3" Round Side Bars

There are detailed instructions below for installing 3" Round Side Bars, take a look:

SteelCraft® - Honda Element 2007-2010 3" Round Side Bars

Check detailed instructions for 4" Straight Oval Side Bars here:

This is a generic picture of the item. It does not reflect actual product. However, it will give you a good idea on how it looks:

You can read more information about the manufacturer here:
SteelCraft -

See all available accessories for your Honda Element here.
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