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Need help! VTEC not kicking in!

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Here's an e-mail my friend sent me:

I found out tonight what the problem is! I took my car to the track
other night and was running A LOT slower than I should have been. I
that my times were slower b/c I had on my 17" rims instead of my 14"
(spur of the moment going to the track). I noticed that my car wasn't
"getting up" like it usually does after 5000rpms. Travis was at the
made a comment about the track not being very clean and said there was
"goo on the track". So, I was thinking that maybe my tires were
Well on the way home from work tonight I came I stomped on it and
that I couldn't hear my VTEC kick in (usually a very noticeable sound)
didn't feel it either. I stopped my car programmed my Apexi VAFC to
kick in
a little later and started it back up 5 seconds later. On the VAFC, it
that it is on b/c it is programmed to say "ON," but it is definitely
NOT on!
Other than that, my car is running fine. Is there a sensor I need to
replace? Any advice you can give me will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!

I rode with my friend at the track twice while he did these runs. He was runing mid 10's (1/8th) (usually runs mid 9's) and even sprayed once (50 shot) and still the time did not improve.
...and that is it, the vtec was not / is not kicking in. Usually the engine gets really loud after 5k rpms, but the other night it was not doing that at all.

The car is a 93 h/b w/B18C1 and a 50 shot.

I know this is kind of vague, but maybe there's a sensor that needs to be replaced or something like that.

Thanks for any help!
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<>?<>?<?check your oil level<?<>?<>?<>, if your low that would explain why. or your vtec solenoid could be fried............but I would check the oil level first........if it is then change your oil with MOBILE 1 Performance Driving (the one with the red cap) also get a K&N Oil Filter....just hope its not your vtec solenoid because thats gonna cost you a sum of money

my vtec solenoid on my ls/vtec motor is broken due to an accident the hood collapse on it
i have a question how do u know if your oil is low?
is it supposed to be up to a ceratin level on the dip stick??
DSB1084 said:
i have a question how do u know if your oil is low?
is it supposed to be up to a ceratin level on the dip stick??
Yeah, it's supposed to be anywhere between the 2 holes.. Anything less than the first hole is too low, and anything more than the 2nd is too much. :)
Do you have a check engine light? If you do what code was it? I think it should be code 22 (VTEC OIL PRESSURE SWITCH) Check that switch out and make sure it's not clogged up. I had the same problem last night but mine was due to a fields VTEC controller problem.
He just checked the oil and it's LOW!
Just had it changed before going taking the 3 hour one way trip to NOPI. Must be leaking... I told him to put cardboard underneath the engine and see if he gets anything.

His check engine light stays on when the car is ON. Don't know why, but it was like that when he bought the hybrid.
That car needs to be looked at by someone that knows what they are doing. There should be NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT! You need to find out what code is being thrown so someone can point you in the right direction.
I could be wrong but I don't think it even matters when you have a VAFC. VTEC sould activate no matter what. You don't even need the vtec pressure wired in a car if you have a VAFC. Actually I know you don't because i didn't wire mine because I had a VAFC. But when i sold the VAFC then i ran the wire.
Another thing I noticed when we were coming back from NOPI and he downshifted on the freeway to race a Celica, black smoke poured out the exhaust really bad! Then once by the house and I was behind him, he sprayed the 50 shot and once again lots of black smoke.......

Maybe the car is burning oil and that is the reason the guy sold the car in the first place :confused:

...just the reason I will be making my own hybrid and not buying someone elses.
black oil just means you're running rich, not burning oil. burning oil is white smoke with a tinge of blue to it.

but yeah, check out his oil problem and what not and see why things are coming up short. and see if you can find that guy that sold him the car, he may not tell you what's wrong but then again, he may. it's worth a try.
check the wiring on the VAFC, sounds to me like that might be the problem, you never know? If the car is totally running like ass then i would definetly check the wiring.
GSR98Civic said:
Then once by the house and I was behind him, he sprayed the 50 shot and once again lots of black smoke.......
If you are running nice and rich on nitrous then there should be black rich smoke coming from the exhaust.
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