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Ok...I bought a used turbo kit a while ago and I'm starting to piece it together and I have a few questions regarding the install. I know how to bolt all the pieces on manifold, intercooler, wastegate, etc. I just don't have a clue as to where all the vacuum hoses connect to and from. I also have a question with my FMU, the guy I bought it from doesn't know what size plate was on it so I'm guessing 12:1 maybe? Anyway...I need to know where the hoses on the FMU hooks up to, there isn't any labels on the hose nipples from the unit and there are three of them just like the vortech FMU. Also...he gave me an HKS EVC I and Scramble boost controller. Anyone familiar with these units? The EVC I came with a small unit that looks like there should be three hoses coming out from I'm wondering where those all hook up to. EGT gauge...where should I place the probe? I have a REVhard cast iron manifold and I was told I should drill into the collector and place my probe there. Also anyone know if the AC Autotechnic reverse el-glow warning gauges are any good? I've heard autometers were very inaccurate so I was going to go with either Apex'i or Greddy until I saw the AC's. Finally, I'm going to have my car dyno tuned afterwards and I just bought my friends Apex'i V-AFC, I need to know if it saves the settings from when he had it on his car or if I can just put it on run it on default settings for awhile?(about 90 miles to shop I'm getting it dynoed at so I hope it'll at least last long). If the V-AFC doesn't have default settings then what should I set it at to be able to SAFELY drive my car the 90 miles up to the shop?

Sorry for such a long post...had a lot of questions.
Any help or advice on this or related topics will be greatly appreciated...thanks in advance...

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The vortech FMU is easy to install...put it right behind the Intake manifold on the right side(cruise control side)..their should be a bolt in you frame that you can use. The fitting pointing down goes to the hose that takes fuel back to the tank. The one that goes out comes off of the hose on your regulator.T the top fitting either off of the intake manifold, or some say the wastegate, dont know which one is better.
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