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My a/c compressor is not running. My car is a 92 Prelude Si automatic. I'm using a 92-96 pdf service manual and a digital multimeter to troubleshoot this a/c issue. I have just troubleshot down to the very bottom of thumbnail page 1,051, which is page 22-17.
The service manual tells me to "Measure voltage between the YELLOW/BLACK2> and BLACK/YELLOW2> wire terminal with the negative probe grounded to the body." I am not getting a battery voltage reading. The repair manual tells me to "Repair open in the YELLOW/BLACK2 <BLACK/YELLOW2> wire between the under-dash fuse/relay box and compressor clutch relay."
Will you guys help me through the troubleshooting process from this point? The wiring schematic is very confusing to me. Also, would it be easier to just replace the open Yellow/Black2 <Black/Yellow2> wire rather than tracing the onen wire through the wiring harness?
I'm sorry for writing so much. I'm just trying to explain this as well as possible so i'll get the best possible help and answers. Please feel free to pm me if you need to. Thank you for your time & help. God bless
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