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Its not exactly where I want it, but changes or suggestions as to what you think would help it look better its welcome. For anyone that is wondering it is a rendition of a windshield as I own an auto glass shop. I can dig up an outline only for you later on tonight if it helps.
The top one is the logo Ive gotten to so far. The other two were ones that I ended up with but found that it look like a wiper sweep rather than a windshield. I like the look of the bottom more but can't seem to get the top one to look like it.

I was looking toward getting a outline of the logo only for flyer use; as well as something like I have above where its behind a black layer. I'm hoping to get it looking more "3D" while maintaining the shadow if it ends up still looking good. I pretty much want to give it some depth. Like I said before any version you guys come up with is welcome. Help me think outside the box if it sees fit. Ill answer any questions you guys have.
Thanks in advance!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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