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Ok, just got my B16a in the rex..... it's running like shit. The only code i'm sending is 22 which is the vtec oil pressure sensor.... but other than that the motor runs fine at idle (500 rpms) but the car is REALLY REALLY sluggish. Have any of you had problems with a cat. that was too restrictive????? b/c my friend was following me home (first run after install) and the cat was cherry red along with the inside of my c/f revolution muffler..... do i have a cyclinder not firing or what? too rich? hell i don't know... HELP !!!
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cat might be clogged, take it and smash all the shit out of it... cats are over rated:D
If you need a quick fix on the cat, take a drill, and drill up right in the middle of it. Take a screw driver, and clean out as much of the stuff as you can, then give it a try.:)

well i got that taken care of. put in some new plugs and dist/rotor. and that all helped alot.... still have codes 22 and 23..... where the helll do i shield the second o2 and the pressure switch to a chasis ground or another special place?
Ps. thanks guys

Oh BTW RAXLES Kick ass !!!
Check your timing. Sometimes that will cause the car to run very sluggish.
Dude, don't hollow out your cat, your never going to pass emissions, unless you don't get your fart-pipe sniffed in your area..... But then again if the cat's bad, you oculd go and spens $250 or whatever the going rate is on a high flow cat, or you can spend gobs of money at honda for a cat...

Check your oil level... The vtec is actuated by oil....if your getting a code 22 then your oil pressure must not be great enough to actuate the Mechanism that switches your motor over to vtec. Check your oil type, and if the plug is in place on the vtec solenoid. But definently check your oil level.
Good luck
sonictronic said:
Check your timing. Sometimes that will cause the car to run very sluggish.
Hey sonictronic where did you send your motor to be rebuilt??? I want a rebuild on mine but don't know where to go or how much it should cost!!! let me know please, oh and sorry for going off topic!
I rebuilt it myself. I found a good D16A6 motor in a junkyard with a bent rod for 40 bucks. The bearings and everything were in good shape tho. I sent the block and crank off to have everything checked and honed out, also ordered a rebuild kit for 239. In the end it cost 379 to rebuild it. Since i did not have to have the crank turned and had an extra rod lying in my shop i did not have to spend that much on the machine work. (The most costly part of a rebuild will be the machine work.) I also did all my own head work. I mildly ported and polished it and cleaned everything up real nice.

A while back it cost me about 1500 to have my Mazda b2200 motor rebuilt. But other than that i have always rebuilt all my own Honda engines.
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