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Need info on HIB bulbs....

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I have a 2001 Civic Ex and I want to install a HIB system in my headlights. What is the best that I can do. Which cables do I need and which bulbs are the best for that?
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its HID you tart... and buy a kit. its like 600-700 bucks. But fuck that, just get piaa bulbs, 100 dollars. Not nearly close the same, but better than those immiation shits they sell you at strauss for like 15 bucks a piece.
Yea its expensive, but if u got the money its worth it. My buddy slapped one on his civic and it jus looks to damn nice. Personally I would spend the money on sumthin else. Jus get eurolite bulbs or sumthin.
Plus if you get pulled over....... I dont think those HID systems are DOT approved, so insted of having to rip out a expensive kit, you can jus take out ur PIAA bulbs or wutever and jus quickly throw in ur stock ones (keep em in ur trunk).
Are they good enough?.....PIAA Bulbs

Do they work good on the Civic. Which ones are better?

1. H4 100/110w Super Plasma Blue Bulbs
2. H4 100/110w Super White Platinum Series
2. H4 115/135w Super White Platinum Series

This are the ones sales.
It really depends on what you want the bulbs for. If you want them just to say you have an HID system, then that is the wrong reason. I am putting in the other bulbs this weekend, my friends are have some and they look great. They are brighter and whiter than the factory ones and they have kind of a cool blue tint. Look at them on my web page.
IF your going for bulbs check in to Razo bulbs and Raybrig.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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