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Need info. on SIR-T

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Has any Accord owners heard of this?
It is in Japan that is 200 hps. Well, If u have any information about it, anything is great. I want to know more about the motor.

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check out they sell the engine. i think or it might just be an euro accord type r engine.
Do u think this will be a good swap for a Civic?
Import2Vision said:
Do u think this will be a good swap for a Civic?
That would be the same as an H22A swap (Prelude VTEC). While it can (and has) been done, an H22A swap into a Civic is ALOT of work and is VERY expensive. You might just want to consider a B16A (160-170hp), B18C1 (170hp) or B18C5 (195-200hp).

Granted these motors don't pack the torque of the H22A, the Civic's lite bodyweight doesn't mandate the H22A's torque level.

I wanna keep mine an auto. I need at of help on this.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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