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need info quick

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ok here is the deal. my old lude engine blew up. and i am plaining on buying a new car at around aug. now i have looked for a h23 and haven't found one. and i don't want to put up the $ for the jdm h22. i found a hole prelude si with h23 engine for 1,000 but it is a auto. so what will happen if i put the auto h23 engine on with my 5speed h23 tranny. one guy on preludeonline said it would be faster. so just please get back to me with some info i need to know if i buy this car by 2-13-02
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correct me if I am wrong...but isn't an H23 an H23...whether it came in an automatic or 5 speed?
yah dude,... thats what i was thinkin... so, correct me and PreludeSiZero if we're wrong! :p
Yeah an H23 is an H23. But the manual is considerably faster then the auto.
h23 is an h23, there is no difference. the tranny is the only different thing.

H has how to do the tranny swap right on the front page.

go for the engine, but make sure everything is ok with it first. obviously :D
they said that the internals are build up better on the autop or something like that
manual is faster than auto but not by much. it really depends on the driver.
PreludeSiZero said:
correct me if I am wrong...but isn't an H23 an H23...whether it came in an automatic or 5 speed?
Yes... an H23 is an H23. You are right. The only difference between a manual and an automatic is that when you mate an automatic to the engine - it is automatic.

Of course, w/an automatic, you do lose HP because of the nature of the transmission (torque converter, ... etc). If somebody reported that an H23 out of an automatic produced more HP at the crank than an engine out of a manual car - they are either lying, or it is coincidence. An engine code is an engine code, and an H23 is an H23 (hehe... sorry if this post is getting annoying). BUT... if the manual is an H23a and the automatic is an H23b (I don't know if this is the case, or even if those engines exist... ) then maybe there is a difference. Hope this helps :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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