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can anyone give me some insight on this please. i have a 99 si stock engine i want to do all motor. i have been researching an have come up with this setup. stroke the b16 to a 1.8, get a b16b head or port and polish the stock head any opinion on the head, i see crower makes an all motor cam good for 18-25 horses, raise compression to 10.7, crower springs and retainers and cam sprokets, apexi v-afc, try to get an ecu redone by hondata, and your bolt ons of course. please give suggestions.
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Did you try this question in the civic forum?

My quick answer would be this. By the time you stroked the block to 1.8 and fitted it with a b16b head, you might as well just replace the whole thing with a B18. Plus, stroker kits are not ideal, cheap, or easy. Finally, "bolt-ons" are not trivial, so don't just list them as an afterthought. The quality of your exhaust manifold can make or break your NA setup.
thanks for your insight on this topic. i know itr has a good knowledge of this but the other one i can see is a moron. crower makes a stroker kit that is not a type crankshaft with rods. but thanks anyway. i think i decided to go with f/i
Well, therotically, the ITR crank with custom rods and pistons would work as a stroker kit, so he is not full of anything. You would just have to have a shop figure out the exact ratio of rod length you would need to make it work.

What that would do is give you a longer stroke without increasing the bore. All the Crower kit does is give you a custom crank, with shorter rod and speced pistons, so what's the difference???

I was trying to back you up, and tell this guy he shouldn't jump down someone's throat when he doesn't know what he is talking about for sure ....
well darmeo or whatever y didnt you say something about the crower kit such as circut did. his first post sad its a type r rod with crankshaft. and the kit i see from crower is either keep stock crankshaft with custom rods and pistons for the three manufactorers for 2200 or the whole thing crank,rods,pistons, balanced and blue printed for 3900.
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