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Need Paint Help!

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i jus got a 97 accord a few weeks ago from a lady in frisco and i guess she didnt take car of the paint cuz it is rough as hell....and at first i thought it was tree sap and i tried hella shit to take it off but it wont come it jus the paint that is f**ked up??? wat should i do to smooth it out??? u think polish will work??? i dont wanna do anything that will mess it up even advice would help thanks....
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I would suggest using a clay bar. Meguiars makes a good bar. The clay bar comes with applicator spray, and a final wax, basically everyhitng you need. Clay is used to remove imbedded dirt, grime, overspray, etc from the paint and it's not abrasive.

After the clay application your paint should be nice and smooth.
Pep boys...any place that sells waxes and car care products
No prob, If you end of doing it, post how it went.

Just so you're aware, the claying process takes some time. Much like waxing...take your time and follow the directions.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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