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Need some advice on springs

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I've been looking at these 2 springs, the tanabe sustecpro210 and the neuspeed sports. I can get either one for the same price but still aren't sure. I've seen tanabe's suspension perform on the track and autoX but nothing on neuspeed. On the other hand, all of my friends recommend neuspeed. Anyone here have either of these springs and can give any imput? or the best combo of shocks with either one.
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i dont know how your ride would be with the tanabe springs. i dont know the specs on those springs. however i have the neuspeed race springs made for a 94+ integra. they fit with no problems on my civic and i belive they are stiffer than the neuspeed race springs initially made for a civic.
i have the koni yellow shocks.
BTW, aren't the race springs like 2inches + drop? I have a CF lip on my car and the 2" drop will kill it quick
Most of the springs out there are 2+ inches of drop. If you are worried about that lip, I suggest that you look at the eibach pro-kit springs, or h&r sports.
eibach isn't much of a drop, i would go with H&R Sports.
the eibach pro kits will leave about a 2 finger gap and maintain near stock ride quality. If this is your daily driver, then it is a good choice. However if you like the slammed look, or no wheel gap whatsoever, then they are not for you.
Nightkids said:
BTW, aren't the race springs like 2inches + drop? I have a CF lip on my car and the 2" drop will kill it quick
Neuspeed has sport springs which do not drop the car as much as the race springs. For my integra is dropped it 1.75in front and 1.5in back.
My favorite combo

I have KYB AGX with SUPER DOWN PRECEDO for TANABE, I love and hate my setup, I have got more i my car including urethane bushings, anti sway bars, strut tower bar, if you drive on smood street you can have those agx at their max and your car should handle very well, Tanabe spring are just 20% stifer than stock, too bad they are nop progrssive springs.....:( .
I have friends that had neuspeed springs and they drop most cars 2 1/2 + inches, while the tanabe drops them by 2 inches,
I am not sure about handleing of them but I am sure that they are very good, hope this will help......

Honda Prelude Si 1993 " SHOGUN " :cool:
thanks...I just ordered the tanabe's but still looking for the shocks. I might just get the tanabe shocks/struts that come in the package.
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