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Need some help on tire/wheel/suspension set-up for this weekend ....

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In a quandry as to what to do here …..

I picked up my old Miata's stock set of 14" rims from my Dad (he bought the car, I had already put on 16's) that included tires.

Now, because I mainly dragged the Miata, I had a set of Nitto 555R 205/55/14 drag radials put on one set of the rims, and would use those at the drag strip with the 16's on the front. The other 2 rims I kept the 185/60/14 stock Bridgestones on. But I couldn't find the other two tires that I had pulled off so that I could put the Nitto's on ……….

They are going on my Civic hatch for an auto-x this weekend. So I have to figure where to run the wider/stickier Nittos vs. the stocker/narrower Bridgestones. Hmmmmm.

The rest of the suspension set up is KYB AGX set at "1" front and rear, and an older set of Eibach Sportlines (about a 1.75" - 2" drop). I also have front and rear strut tower craces and a rear subframe brace.

I was figuring with the general tendency to understeer by Civics, they should go on the front, but will that be too much?? And should I tweak the shock settings at all??

Little help would be appreciated!!
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i'll offer my thoughts...

put em on the front, if you put them on the rear, your just inducing more understeer and less rear rotation. Plus, more traction for the drive wheels. I am assuming you set the shocks to "1" because of the sportlines, they are softer than the pro kit. I am also assuming "1" is the stiffest setting. With the stickier front tires, you may want to try softening up the front one notch.

I'm not familiar with the civics subframe brace you mentioned, but if its any type of X or cross bracing, you move up from STS class, if that is infact the class your going to run in. But your other mods are fine for STS class.
I put them on the front last night.

Getting some wierd rattles from ALL over the car, and my rear brakes are thunking. I checked out everything, there is nothing even CLOSE to rubbing, hmmmmm. Maybe just coincidence.

I'm going to put the stock rear wheels back on tomorrow and try driving it around the block and see if it still does it. I will know immediately.

The rear subframe brace is just a flat bar bolted to the suspension mounts (kind of like a strut tower brace).

It is a Porsche Club of America auto-x, so the rest of us will be lumped accordingly in a "practice" class. I signed up for CSP.
Hey, Bampf and I will be there too. And at the school tonight and tomorrow. Finally some seat time. What heat are you in? We're both in the 3rd, I'm 02 and he's 29. I have a silver/blue prelude, and he has a 99 GSR (I think you met him already, right?) Anyway, if you see us around, said hi.
I am scheduled for 4th heat, number 16. My friend in his RS America is in the 2nd.

But some stuff has come up, and I am not sure at all I will be able to make it. I didn't cancel yet, but I seriously doubt I will be able to.

It would be nice to see Vin again!
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