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Need sticky tires

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My tires are about done so I need new ones. I have Kuhmos right now but I want something with alot of traction because I am having trouble launching. I was thinking about getting nitto 555's. Anyone have any suggestions that are resonably priced. (120$ or less) ALso I have 17" wheels. I don't care about wear life just want some street tires that hook up. :D
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kumho ecsta supra 712
712's arent as sticky as toyo t1-s or falken azenis rs.

but the 712's do handle wet driving better than the falkens...and the toyos are hands down the best besides bridgestone s0-2 and s0-3 polepositions.

he said that there was a price limit
Anyone have experience with the Nitto 555's? I have Kumho ecsta supra 712's now. Do you really think the Kumho's are one of the best traction tires?
how about nitto n555r dr's.
or the bf goodrich t/a drag radials.
The 555r's are the drag radial right? Cause I would get those but they don't make them in 205 40 17's. I was just thinking about the regular 555's.
if you want the 555r's, i would suggest getting smaller rims and using them only on the front tires just at the track... im guessing the 555's are pretty sticky too though
The 555rs are great for turns too. They have 100treadwear but they feel like gum. You can go down to 12psi on them.
If you are dragging-Nitto 555R
If you are cornering-Yokohama Advan 032R
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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