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Need to build a monster

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i got money, and i need to build a street monster. i want a setup that can beat a 450 hp CR-X in the quarter mile. thats the biggest competition around here now, and i want to put her in her place. anyway, any techheads that can help me out would be praised. people tell me to go N/A, but i think boost is the way to go. again, i just need a motor that can kill a 450 hp cr-x. money isn't an issue.
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first of what is her 1/4 time and what kind of car do you have.
but i personally if i had no limit on the money i would do a crvtec. with a nice turbo and some tunning. put it like this, there is this red 99 or 98 hatch with si rims no weight reuction with a crvtec engine he built nothing spectacular just block b16b head and b16b ecu running 13 flat, no turbo no nos.
Its not complicated. Lightest car possible + most hp possible = fast car.

For the motor, just build the short block for boost. Since money is not an object, drop in Darton sleeves, low compression forged pistions (JE or Arias), stronger rods (Carillo, etc.), port and polish the heads, good engine management, etc. etc. Pick a big turbo and use a small N2O shot to spool it up and get you off the line. Cut the spray with a Hobbes switch once you get boost.

Use the new Tilton carbon fiber clutch, it rocks.
They both hit it on the the spot especially the concept of least weight and most HP... If you really say money is not an object which i do find hard to belive b/c most people say money is not an object untill they find out how much it really costs to build a race car... First off find a fully gutted hatchback preferably a 92-95 b/c that is one of the most lightest chassies and easiest to do motor swaps.... second off get a block.. you have to decide what you want to shoot for.. personally i would go with LS/Vtec or straight GSR.. Then get the block built to the fullest... By that i mean everything from sleeving to pistons, rods, etc etc... now that righ there is going to cost you a substantial amount... right now your looking at the gutted car with the minimum such as wheels one seat and roll cage and a full built motor for turbo.. your looking at about 10g's right now...then go with a t4 turbo and a fuel management system such as HonData or SpeedPro..then comes the ignition and all the other small parts that make the project come together..a gear box and other small parts then your ready to hit the dyno... Make sure who ever dyno's it has dyno'd race cars before... im talking right now you should be able to have 550-600 hp to the wheels and with some right sized slicks and light weight chassis parts and built motor you should be able to get 9's-11's depending on a lot of factors that is the reason why i have such a difference in quarter mile times... Good luck with your project and once again i hope you mean it when you say Money is not an object..
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this guy needs to come back and check out his single post... seems like he doesnt know what he's talking about and doesnt even have the money...
92 hatch
b20 block, sleeve it, bore it, blueprint it.
b18c5 head
ys1 tranny with lsd
t04e turbo
and enough nitrous to spool it up

if you have enough money then run the car with methanol

and again what does this girl ahve and what times is she running
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if money isnt an issue.. buy a supra and invest a couple grand into it. you'll make that crx cry
no kiddin buy a supra and drop 10g's under the hood for around 800hp and you can kick anyones a$$
without a doubt i think money will be an issue with most people... good luck anyway ...
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