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need to decide quick

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Can anybody tell me if a turbo or a supercharger will make my 1989 civic witha b18c5.
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make my quicker and faster on the take off
Either way, your take off will suck ass because of the high power FF traction(less)...but the turbo will kick the crap out of the supercharger...
yep, want big numbers? go turbo... if i had a b18c5, i would stay all motor... but whatever floats your boat

i dunno if a supercharger will fit in the bay if you are thinkin of the jrsc
go with a t3/t4 kit on that motor and you will get in the 13's easy.. i would personally go with rev hard.. good luck..
friend of mine was running 9 psi on his gsr and it lasted a month before it lost a cylinder, but he ran 13.3 on three cylinders. look for some low compression pistons. (je engine dynamics)
good advice.. make sure you get it to a dyno as well.. good luck..
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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