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Try this it might help. Also there is an Acura site called It has a lot of info but the members are kinda dicks sometimes. Good luck.

Ok, got my new AEM intake in the other day, and decided to install it. No big deal right? Disconnected the battery... yada yada, (intake installation noises here) anyway, intake install went perfect, no hangups at all. Got battery reconnected, and my radio is flashing "Code... Code...Code" so i figured what the hell, it's in the glove box... Two cards there, with two different codes/serial numbers...

Tried both cards, NOTHING. Error messages one after another. Called dealer out west since time was late and they're behind us on the east. He said I'd have to bring the car in, $90 to tear out the HU to get the serial number off the back... BS!

I let it be over night, too pissed to work on it any longer...

Today, i awake with a brilliant idea. Call Acura customer care and let them know how stupid this whole idea was... the man on the phone said he couldnt get me my code but could show me some way to help me out... He said, lemme look here in the manual and see what i can find... here were his instructions...

1. Turn the ignition to "on".
2. Turn the radio off. (make sure u haven't exhausted ur error tries, if you have, disconnect battery, wait 1 min and then check to see if "code" is displayed on radio)
3. Press and hold buttons 1 and 6 down.
4. While holding those two buttons, press the "power" button on the radio.

The unit will display four numbers and then change to another set of four numbers. THAT IS THE SERIAL NUMBER OFF THE BACK OF THE HEAD UNIT! Just call a local dealer and give them that serial number, they can look it up online and tell you the code in seconds! I did it this morning and the guy at customer service saved me $90! I was and still am really pissed that the dealer is doing this to people still when they obviously know that there is a walk around. I would LOVE to call up a local news station and have hidden cameras in on this when the dealer "takes out my head unit" to check that serial number... I can understand a $10 service charge for locating your serial number, no probs there, that's honest money, but when you take out almost a new Benjamin out of my pocket, now i'm getting pissed...
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