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Ok heres to sum it all up

-P28 Manual Virgin ECU $100

-H22a1 Head with Intake manifold, everything but the dizzy $250

-H23a1 Head with Intake Manifold, everything but the dizzy $150

-Prelude Carbon fiber Altezza Tail lights 92-96 $40

-Prelude Projector Silver Headlights 92-96 $40

-Energy Suspension Master Bushing Set for 90-93 Accord #16.18108G $30

-H23a1 bare Block scratched cyl walls, good for sleeves or rehone $40

I need this stuff out so i can buy a new clutch for my Hatch untill then i
wont b able to drive anywhere.

help me out guys.

either call me at


or IM me on AIM: blue92ludesi

or PM me here

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