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Here is what I have, let me know if you are interested, plz make me an offer on any of this. Any REASONABLE offer accepted, and if you have some stuff you want to trade, that may be an option too, just lemme know what ya got and what ya want and maybe we can work somethin out.

-MB Quart components system, NIB, 5.25" mids with 1" tweeters, never hooked up, all grilles, mounting hardware, and crossovers, retail $400
-Bazooka 8" passive bass tube
-6 disc CD changer that hooks up to the stock headunit (and other Alpine headunits???). Have the cable to hook it up, about 2 feet long, and 2 magazines. Model # is CHM-S600, made by Alpine.

Non-audio related items:
-stock corners for 94-97 Accord
-Pentium 4 Desktop PC
-P4 2.0ghz CPU
-512mb DDR RAM
-120gb IDE hard drive (ATA133, 7200rpm)
-32x CD-RW
-ATi Radeon 8500 AGP video card with 64mb DDR RAM
-10/100 NIC
-56k modem
-2 80mm casefans

Post reply or email me @ [email protected] or IM me on AccordPimpsta. Make an offer on what i've got on here, and btw, I need at least $1,000 for that computer
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