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Nelson Piquet jr.: I'm like Senna

Son of former Formula One World Champion Nelson Piquet finds himself as good as countryman and F1-legend Ayrton Senna. The winner of the 2004 British Formula 3 said he can step in Formula One whenever he wants, but prefers to start in F1 at a top team, and not any earlier.

Piquet has tested a number of times with the Williams team, though doesn't see himself try any team that isn't as competitive. "If I would pay I could enter Formula One at any time. But I want to arrive in Formula One at a top team and become a successful driver. I'm not interested in buying my seat - I want to conquer it. Anyone could buy a seat at Jordan or Minardi," Nelson Piquet said.

"My father speaks from the heart, but I'm more cautious in what I say. I am more like Ayrton Senna. If you know what I'm like you'll understand, I am not worried about those who don't know me."

"My father speaks what he comes in the head. I am more cautious in this direction. I find that I look like myself the Ayrton Senna more. Who knows me knows as I am. E I am not worried about who does not know me ", says.
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