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We've got stylish running boards and nerf boards for a Honda Pilot. The best designers of Onki and Black Horse work their styling magic and custom designed reliable boards, which are good to fit 2009 - 2015 models.

Check prices and other details at Honda Pilot truck running boards at

Which ones do you like more?

Black Horse® RHO5OE - Honda Pilot 2015 Running Boards

- made of heavy-duty aluminum to withstand the abuse of everyday use;
- install to the vehicle's frame using existing factory holes;

Onki® - Honda Pilot 2015 Nerf Boards

-6.5-inch wide step area allows the easiest access to your truck’s interior or bed;
-stainless steel and aluminum both ensure maximum protection against corrosion;

You can read more information about the manufacturers here:
Onki -
Black Horse -

Also see other accessories for your Pilot here.
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