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Neuspeed sport springs and koni yellow shocks...

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I'm expecting my koni yellow shocks and neuspeed sport springs in anyday now for my 5th gen lude. Once i get them in im gona go somewhere to install them. With this setep (neuspeed sport springs/koni yelows) will I need a camber kit? It should be about a 2 inch drop right? I'm just wondering so that when i go to instal them ill know what it is exactly that i need done.
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the neuspeed sport drop is 1.7 front and 1.5 rear... u might need a camber kit after a while... get an alignment a couple weeks after u drop it, and they'll yell u if u need it... peace!
u probly won't need one ... usually u need one with a 2" drop or more...

sweetness. i just wanted to make sure that the peeps werent gonna be telling me yeah you need one when in fact I wouldn't need one just for them to make money off of me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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