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What should I get?

  • Get a new 2002 Civic.

    Votes: 7 50.0%
  • Get a used 6th gen Civic.

    Votes: 6 42.9%
  • Get some other car.

    Votes: 1 7.1%
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I can't decide if I want a new 02 Civic EX, or a used 96-00 Civic.

Pros. of 7th gen:
Brand new. No previous owner. Fresh off the lot. Whatever.[*]I like the looks better.
Has the potential for RSX Type-S engine and other future engine swaps.
Cons. of 7th gen:
Weak engine with little growth potential.
Incompatible with all previous generation engines.
More expencive than getting a used car.

Pros. of 6th gen:
Lots of growth potential.
Wide selection of engines to swap.
About $10,000 less than a new car, give or take.
Cons. of 6th gen:
Used. :(
Doesn't look as good as 7th gen (IMHO).

I really do want to get a new car (in case you couldn't tell), all the previous cars my family as owned are an 85 honda acord (still runs, sorta, that's japanese engineering for you :)) and a GMC Van, so I'd like something new.

I'm not sure if I'll be limiting myself by buying a car with sutch a weak engine. But it also has the potential to have K20's, and other nice engines that come out, that 6th gens won't be able to use.

Right now I really want a new car, but if you guys think it's a waste of time and money then I might get a used car.


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Get a 6th gen, while the 7th gen aftermarket is growing the 6th gen has a lot more out for it right now. the swaps for the 7th gen are going to be hella expensive since the engines are so new and there will be so few of them. IMO go with the 6th gen, 99-00 coupes are nice as hell. ;)

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the 7th gen will be able to be modded but since youll be paying for it for about 5 years youll never really have the cash to do anything, go for the 6th gen, you can find one fairly cheap, do a nifty swap, turbo it, and probly still have spent less then the brand new one will cost, gross IMO, 7th gen

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the 2002 civic EX's are surprisingly quick.

you'll run over almost any stock integra LS (b18b) that you run into.

they also have much sharper steering than the previous civics. (2.6 turns lock to lock, same steering rack as the rsx-s).

the handling is at least as good as the previous generation if not better. The chassis is over 100% stiffer in the 7th gen, and it really shows, much more solid car, fewer squeaks over time.

if you have the money, go for the 2002. swaps will be availible for it in a few years, and a few turbo setups are already close to the final stages of completion - so it won't be long before those hit the market.

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Im more in favor for the 7th gen civic myself, becuz it looks sleeker and there are many aftermarket products already available. But if you need more info goto . They have some hooked up 7th gen civics n some look pretty tite. And theres also a place where you can look for products like Exterior, Performace, or Suspension mods for the 7th gen.
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