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Good to be back ... after getting rid of my 95 GS-R ... I got an EL and a 01 Jeep TJ (don't flame guys) ... anyhoo, I want an RSX so I went up to the local Acura dealership and was asking what would be new in the 03 RSX lineup ... salesguy told me that everything would be the same (Type S wise), except that there was a possibility that there'd be the Type R in the lineup ... and a new color for the Type S model ... I'm not believing the Type R will be around until 04 (if at all) ... my question is, what's the new color gonna be for the Type S (he didn't know)? ... I was hopin it'd be the cream white that the U.S. currently has ... anyone know??


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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