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New Civic Si's: very ugly!!

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What up guys? I went to the chicago auto show this weekend and saw the new civic si's. I was very disappointed. I thought they looked very ugly. Maybe i'll get used to them but i doubt it. I'm not really a big fan of hatchbacks. And i don't know about the shifter being where it is. Kind of like where the radio is located. I think that may get tiring.

I was talking to a guy there though that works there he was telling me that they could run low 14's to high 13's stock. I'm not too sure about that. I think he just trying to convince me to get one because he overheard me talking about the RSX and how i want one and he works at a honda dealer.

Whatever, just my opinion!
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silverprelude said:
ha the new civic is suck .... but if you are interested in Civic si ... you can get the last gen .. it looks better
No thanks man. I never wanted the civic. I was just commenting. I think i'm going to just get an RSX.
silverprelude said:

you want to get the RSX or RSX Type S, if you want to go faster, then you can also think about WRX .... i think the price is just similar as RSX Type S
oh yeah, definately the type s. I dont really like the wrx. I mean i know it's fast and at all but i don't like how it looks. Also i didnt hear good things about the engine. I heard it'll die out after a while or something big goes wrong with it after like 10000 miles.

I love the looks that the rsx type-s has got and its pretty fast.:D
lOOkatme said:
I wouldn't buy a subaru or a mitsubishi if my life depended on it. The WRX is ASS UGLY!!!!!! I mean shit...its a POS as well. go drive one...yea its fast in 1-2nd gear but the tranny is sloppy, doors weigh a 1lb...look feel cheap. paint looks cheap. everything is plastic and they do a good job of letting you know its plastic. The mitsubishi is just SHIT!!!!! I had a japanese race clip with a bunch of the top japanese sports cars in it...the evo dropped out cause it blew its NEW tranny.
i agree. I wouldn't buy a dodge either, or a kia or hundai or any of those cheap cars!
silverprelude said:

oh maybe you can wait for while .... because i heard about the Lan Evo is coming to USA... but i do not know when, and when i was in my country i drove LAN EVO V ... oh it is just too good in that price ... and faster than WRX
What is the lan evo? Who makes it? Any pics or site for pics and info like price?

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