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new clutch?

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ran my car at the track yesterday... and yesterday night and this morning i could definitely tell the clutch was slipping. checked it out... white smoke coming out. sweet deal. it happens...
guess i'm in need of a new clutch
anyone have any recommendations, and how much should i expect to pay?
i drive a 01 integra gsr, with a dragIII kit...
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yea u need a new clutch... i heard ACT clutches own, anyways how is your GSR setup? any problems? i am planning on the Drag 3 also and i have a 2001 gsr too...
the equivalent in ACT to a clutch masters stage 3 is bomb...
hooks up nicely
i know the stage 3 is ideal for drag racing. but how does it fare up to daily driving/road racing?
I need a lightweight clutch, how much did you pay? and where?
I got a clutchnet stage II which I think i supposed to be around the same thing as clutchmaster stage III from ben at for $300, I think they have a group buy on them now.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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