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New direction after getting screwed. Paint.

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So I had a guy who was supposed to do all of the body work and paint on my. Needless to say after 1 month, it was never done.

Here's it before, pretty much when I bought it.

How it sat before I put on the front wheels.

So pretty much a fresh start since now I have no front lip, he busted it in half, no paint, and missing a mirror. I have to buy paint now to paint the car.

Here are my options:

Midori Green Pearl

Championship White

Or Dark Titanium, sorry but no pics of it on a Honda.

I am open to suggestions. I am kind of feeling the green though.
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did you pay someone to do the bodywork and they took the money and ran?
No. A few years back I fixed my friends Prelude's JDM motor. And he was going to repay me by doing the body work and paint my car. So he had said he had it primered, and that it would be done in 5 days. Well I didn't hear from him over those 5 days. I showed up on the promise day and that is how it sat. Then I find out my paint and lip are at someone's garage an hour away. Then after I bring it back home, I start going over everything. Found out he was trying to get the green panels off to sell, he was going to try and sell my Alpine system, he bottomed out joy riding denting the under carriage and busting the lip up, he went through and starting trying to pull my exhaust system out, he was going to try and take my K1's, and he screwed up my front speakers and head unit. He also threw a whole quart of oil over the max amount in my motor. So now it is running a little rough with a lot of vibration coming from the motor. I left the car with an 1/8th of a tank of gas, he put $20 in and I got it back running on fumes, much more joy riding then the trip to the junkyard and back for a door handle.

On a different note. I am also wondering if the Midori Green pearl has a gold tint to it already, or if they added that tint to the paint.
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Dude id kick that guys ass. ruthlessly beat him down. thats the only thing he deserves. Let me guess, hes got pill problems?

His actions sound like an addicts.
He lives a few hours away now. He might have an addiction, I wouldn't know anymore. I mean out side of the bust lip and no more paint, everything is there. I need to get the license plates lights back in and wired up.
he would have gotten his face smashed in by the curb if it was me.
Yeah, he's avoiding talking to me or seeing me.

I also have decided to go with the Midori Green Pearl with a light gold flake.
So I have a question. I'm trying to save some money, so I am going spray canned primer. I know quite a few people have done this, so I am curious as to how many cans it'll take.
For the whole car? Yesh. Probably 10 cans.

Id just buy enough to make it stop rusting.

It takes longer to mask the car off than it does to paint it. Old news paper is free usually, and about 3 rolls of that blue painters tape should be enough for the trim if your doing the whole car. Any tape will do really.
Yeah, I've got the papers and tape. And the primer is for the rust, then in the spring, I'll have it painted. The guy who agreed to do it said 8 cans probably, and it'll be done in a few hours. Awesomeness. Lol. I'll get the 10 cans just in case. I appreciate it man.
Get yourself some sand paper to eat off as much rust as possible. I think walmart sells some cheap multi packs. You'll also want to get a couple small blocks of wood (like 1.5" blocks a couple inches long) to wrap the sand paper in. It will save wear and tear on the hands. Just remember the main objective right now is to stop rust, you can worry about rebuilding small missing fender well areas in the spring.

People that are in the know respect primer over rust any day. No matter what color the car is. I say 10 cans cause most of us wont get a car done in 8. Lol.

Spray that primer shit everywhere ya can get to that could possibly rust. Inner wheel well and all.
Good to know. I have to get some fine sandpaper. That's the only thing I don't have off hand. Good thing the autoparts store is in walking distance. Lol
Hey if you have a paint store near by try this medallion primer rs-571, it's good thick stuff you might only need 5 to 6 cans .....
I picked up 2 quarts of primer and 1 quart of clear. Everything is mixed and ready. I just need time off of work to get it out to my ex's house so her father will paint it for me. He has his garage prepped and ready to go.
That sol and your "friend" are POS, (pieces). My advice: find a way to screw him up, and drive the car until it dies, while saving money for a sol or a car that's not beyond help. You can buy a nice sol for around 3k, or less.
EDIT: No offense intended on my words about you car, man, but "comes a time" when you have to "give up the ghost". Most cars have "diminishing returns", even cars that are kept in pristine condition. IMO, unless it's a supercar, or 50+ years old, your wasting your money on this one. Sentimental value?
Post some pics ..... Check out that website I posted for your paint needs .....
I only paid $1500 for the car. The motor is great, suspension is completely done, quarters were done in fiberglass, no rust outside of the surface rust, interior is 9/10 due to a bad spot on the radio door, and the seats have no tears or rips. Outside of the paint and mirror, it's a nice car. What do you consider to be a POS on the car outside of the body?
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