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I thought I would stop by here and introduce myself before I moved through and read some of the info. A little about myself....I recently bought my first Honda....weird huh? My first Honda purchase was a 94 Honda Del Sol and the only reason I jumped on it was because it was all factory even down to the floor matts. 1 owner car and it was owned by a female. So I figured she didn't do to much racing in it.:)

I have been building Supra engines for the last 9 years and wanted another challenge so thought I would get me a Honda. This is all new to me hence my reason for joining here. Would rather come here to pick brains and gather info then get it on FB.

Haven't decided yet which way I am going to go with my build yet. I got my first one a few months back and it did need some TLC, especially the seals for the top! Those things leak and it is aggravating. Even trying to source new ones is complicated.

Last month bought me one that had front end damage for parts and most of the interior was in good shape and couldn't pass it up.

That is a little about my purchases and reasoning for joining up. I have a feeling that you will be seeing a lot of my in here because I definitely know I will be needing info on the what to do's and what not to do's.

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