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New Intake ??

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I want to buy an aftermarket intake for my car. I hear a lot about AEM Cai. Anyway, what do I do with the intake air temperature sensor on my stock system ? Will there be a spot to put it on the AEM Cai ? Sorry if this sounds stupid, I just learning. Thanks !
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yeah, AEM is the only way to go for an intake imo. they're very high quality and yield and noticeable feel of an increase in power. I went with the short ram by them instead of the CAI because I didn't wannna risk sucking up any water from the roads. As for the sensor, it fits right into a hole with a rubber grommet on the tube of the AEM intake. :)
Thank's man ! I think I will go with the short ram intake as well, it costs a little less !
no prob man:) yeah, you'll save some dough too but still get good power, enjoy the short ram man, I know I still do to this day.
If your tight on cash now, go with the Injen short ram and then upgrade to the CAI extension. It really helps getting the air from ourside the engine bay. Or just get the AEM CAI. For $40 more, its worth it.
Get the aem short ram, I love it, and also felt a power difference. If you want more power off the line, get a short ram, if you want more passing power on a freeway, then get a cai. But get the short ram, you won't regret it:D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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