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New Lexus Concept

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Los Angeles, California – A futuristic Lexus design concept will have a featured role alongside Tom Cruise in Steven Spielberg's upcoming summer movie, Minority Report.

Anxious moviegoers and car buffs will get an advance preview of the sports car when it makes its world debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show January 5th to 13th.

The film, which opens nationwide June 28, 2002, stars Tom Cruise, Samantha Morton and Colin Farrell. Based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, "Minority Report" is set in a futuristic judicial system in which killers are arrested and convicted before they commit murder.

When it came time to conceptualize the fantasy car of the future, Steven Spielberg didn't have to look any further than his own driveway for inspiration.

"I've been driving a Lexus SUV," said Spielberg. "And I thought Lexus might be interested in holding hands with us and going into a speculative future to see what the transportation systems and cars would look like on our highways in fifty years. The result of that exploration is something that elevates and transforms driving into an environmental experience."

Designed as a high-performance two-seat personal sports car for the year 2054, the futuristic Lexus flexes a muscular design with the ultimate in cab-forward seating, a low, enclosed wheelbase for sportiness, aggressive lines, and proportions so unexpected that, at first glance, it's not entirely evident which end is the front and which is the rear.

The custom car was created by conceptual artist Harald Belker, whose film design credits also include "Batman & Robin", "Inspector Gadget", and "Armageddon." Spielberg, Belker, Calty (Toyota/Lexus design studio) and a team of futurists met early in the development process to speculate on what the future of automotive travel might hold, with Lexus ultimately providing styling, luxury and performance cues for the car's design. The car was constructed by CTEK, a Santa Ana, Califoria-based technology design and development firm.

Also featured at the Los Angeles Auto Show will be the 2002 SC 430, LS 430 and ES 300. will host the event live, with a 24-hour Webcast beginning Jan. 3 to 13. In addition to continuous four-camera, live streaming video, will include model line presentations, press conference highlights and dealer locators.

Too bad there's no front pic, if you find it post please

btw, Tom Cruise is a f'n lucky bastard :mad:
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That car makes the batmobile look like a trueno
no reverse lights needed on this baby. It'll just go ALL around you
are the brake lights those black lens things?
Danman1116 said:
are the brake lights those black lens things?
yup, and also if you look, there's no rear-view mirror, no need to see the dust you leave behind I guess
sheit...and whats up with the side mirrors?
Danman1116 said:
sheit...and whats up with the side mirrors?
haha, my bad completely, dont mind me i smoked up last night. K, so the first pic is actually the front pic of the ride. If you notice the steering wheel in the front you can see... also check the door handles. But at the same time, the second pic is a bit weird, ahhh fuck i dunno? I'm going to sleep.

btw, the mirrors are cool, i like!
daaaamn, dan you have 88 posts per day, FUCK! my first day i thought i'd do well with 30+ good lord

haha, later bro
Lexus is probably gonna produce this thing soon if they follow the trend of the concepts that lead to RX300 and SC430. But maybe not, because this one is just a tad too unrealistic.
Which is the front and back of the car??
Prelude1897 said:
Which is the front and back of the car??
i was thinking the same thing too at first. If you pay close attention you can see from the first pic that that's the front. Check the steering wheel, the side mirrors, the air ducts and the door handles all focus it as the front, but then again, if someone told me it's the back, i'd prob consider that option too
Anyone know where the headlights are? Cause I can't figure that out!
Whoa:confused: Dats something else there. It be kinda hard for me to get in since i can hardly find the door in that picture.
ummm okay and i use to like lexus, but not that:(
Looks good.
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