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Hello all!

Thank you for the opportunity to network and grow with you! My name is Christopher Greer and I'm a California (currently) resident with a 2007 Honda Civic Si in habanero red (or a burnt oranger color, depending on the light) by the name of Valencia. I'm the third owner of this small but mighty beast. She's got a Injen cold air intake kit and a Skunk2 shift knob installed. I took purchase of the vehicle in early 2017 and have been in love ever since. She's spunky, fun to drive, and overall responsive. She feels easy to control and responds in turn per my input. I've taken this car on a number of road trips so far and we frequent some of the more winding roads out in the greater California area, specific to my area of residency.

The goal with this vehicle is to mod and tune her and eventually get out onto a track, both as a hobby and profession. I've always dreamed of becoming a professional racing driver of some sort and this is the first car that I've believed can help me achieve those goals, if not start them. I have a small batch of fellow auto enthusiasts in my corner who share my passion for driving and help me keep ahold of my goals and keep my passionate flames alight.

My intentions for this website are to network and research ways to tune my car and hone my drivings skills. As a child (and well into adulthood), video games have not only kept my love of cars in general alive, but have also piqued my interest in virtual and live tuning, especially with different games offering a multitude of tuning tips and tricks! I'd like to transition that into the real world and into my own, real life race car.

I'm open to any and all communications, whether it be tuning advice or networking opportunities. I look forward to connecting with fellow auto enthusiasts and building my dreams (and car) along the way.

Thank you!


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