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2008 Honda Accord V6 EX-L Coupe
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Hello Everyone,

I'm excited to own my very first Honda and it's none other than the 8th Generation Honda Accord V6 in the manual transmission! I didn't expect to buy this car, but it came with the HFP wheels and bodykit and a pristine interior. The price was too good to not leave with the car! Not super familiar with Hondas, but I'm starting to understand the whole VTEC thing and why everyone loves it. My current plans for the car are to lower it, get some Volk Racing wheels and to FBO/tune the car! Let me know what to look out for, what mods are best for this platform and some other advice you think would be helpful on my journey with this car. Below is a little overview of the car's current condition from my Youtube channel!

I have other Honda related content on the channel so feel free to check those out as well if they interest you :), I upload biweekly, Monday & Friday at 8AM PST!
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