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new pics of my car

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let me know what you think... i am taking it to be tuned on the dyno this saturday to run a 65 shot.
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Man your car is SWEET! I'm hoping my coupe will look somewhat like that! Great job keep it up!

Go check out
They have a wicked kit for 90-93 Accords!

thanks glad you like the car... what do you think of my board?
nice ride man, but i say lose the stickers

I will get rid of them with the new paint job... i want the h22 now though.
Im looking to do my H22A swap too. Let me know if you know of any good deals. Maybe we can get a price break if we pick up two.
Looks good. What color are you painting it? Post results when you go get yor car dynoed.
very nice ride
and that NOS in the trunk is like a statement...all yo civic ppl beware....:D
i dont like the tails but other than that it looks good. keep it up.:)

im not sure if I should keep the tails or get red/clears... what do you think?
Re: tails said:
im not sure if I should keep the tails or get red/clears... what do you think?
definitly go with the red/clears, your car looks good
Defenitly get red/clears, they look very good.

Red/Clears all the way

Nice ride

Let us know what kind of numbers you pull with the N2O.

damn everyone thinks it will look alot better with red/clears? I guess it would give a little brightness to it, but not to much. I am going to be running a 75 shot by the end of the day, and I will post up my dyno slip!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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