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hey guys,

so just to fill you in al all the details first,

my car is a 1995 integra gsr, so obviously its a obd1 wiring harness,

my original engine blew up when a performance shop forgot to put the timing belt guide back on the crank pulley, after installing skunk2 stg 2 cams and hondata s300.

this was last march;

so they sourced a jdm gsr (b18C) obd2 engine with 42,000 miles and installed it free of charge.

about 2-3 months later i revved in nuetral and bent some valves,

i was gettin married the next month so i couldn't afford to rebuild it so i sold it for cheap and bought a cheap head to get me by.

so i bought the original head back from the guy and rebuilt it a couple weeks ago,

i had to sell my skunk2 stg 2 cams to pay for it,

it was tuned on those cams and the skunk2 tuner cam gears were advanced during tuning,

vtec cracked hard with the old head before i took the cams out and i'd never had a problem with it before,

when I swapped everything from the old head to the rebuilt head i cleaned out the vtec sylenoid and everything with carb and choke cleaner, ( i was told it was friendly to seals and what not)

i also replaced the sylenoid housing gasket and little wire filter during the process,

i put my stock cams back in and adjusted the cam gears to top-dead-center to make sure the the valves wouldn't smack,

i adjusted the valves myself to .007-.008 exhuast side and .006-.007 on intake side, (stock specs) and re-checked after torqueing down the locking nuts to 17 lbs, also stock specs,

put everthing back together, (minus all the power steerin hardware and ac pump and all hardlines, condensor, blah blah blah,

put 5w-30 motorcraft full sythetic in

all oil and water fluids are up to par. everything is plugged into the vtec sylenoild... i din't otherwise touch the wireing harness.. or ecu,

But for some reason vtec just won't kick in,,, at all

Help please :)

also i have a skunk 2 pro series manifold that i installed a while back with the hondata intake manifold spacer, but vtec worked after that,,, so i don't know.

Thank you

Jesse Silva

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Missed a wire somewhere..missed a ground..Hell you might have fucked up the vtec silinoid
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