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New rules felt most in slow corners - Zonta

Ricardo Zonta was in action this week testing for Toyota at Valencua. It was the Brazilian's first chance to drive Toyota's 2005 car, the TF105.

"The new technical rules, and especially the aerodynamic restrictions, affect the new car mainly in the slow corners, where more downforce is beneficial," Zonta explained. "The car slides a lot more and it is more demanding to drive. That is not a reflection on the TF105, but on the rules that now govern aerodynamics."

"For my first time in the TF105, I am pleased with the two days of running," he added. "The track conditions improved on Wednesday and we were able to achieve a good number of laps, working on traction control tuning and Michelin tyres. At the end, our lap times compared to the other 2005-spec cars on track were pretty close, so we are definitely heading in the right direction."
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