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New rules for the Classified Section

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okay so i wrote down some basic rules that i think we should follow to make everyones experience a little bit better when searching and posting in the classifieds section. Please note that not all items will follow these rules like if your trying to sell a computer. you dont have to put how many miles it has on it lol. anyways, enjoy

1. When making a FS post, please include the following:

Means of Contact:
**Please have the VIN, etc ready**

2. Vehicle for sale threads must have pictures. Do not bother making a thread if you have no pictures. If you need somewhere to upload them then go here:

3. Do not make a thread if you are just trying to see what you could get for you car. You're either selling or you are not.

4. Don't bother making a thread if you do not have a price. Do not put "Make me an offer" in the thread without putting some kind of price.

5. Must have mileage for motor AND body

6. Do not use someone else's account to post up stuff you are selling. Also do not make a thread saying you are selling for a friend. If your friend really wants to sell something he can make an account and use your name as a voucher.

7. No WTB posts in the FS section.

8. Do not bump threads more than three times a day.

9. Do not post negative comments about someones car. It's your opinion on it and your opinion is not important if you are not interested in the car.

10. If you have suspicion of someone who isn't a reliable seller or buyer, then please contact an Moderator. Please do not start fights in threads.

11. Please do not make a low ball offer on a car. It will be considered a low ball offer if you offer less than 80% of the asking price. If you feel your offer might have a chance, submit it through PMs.

12. Do not post anything in a thread that has nothing to do with the thread. We have the off topic section for that.

13. Do not spam your car for trade in other people's threads unless they specifically asked for that type of car. Use PM for this type of activity.

14. If the seller of the item has not posted anything for a week, then please don't bother posting in the thread. More than likely he will not come back if he is a newer member.

15. If you are going to use this site, take the time to create a proper for-sale thread. Do not just paste a link to another webpage such as ebay or copy and paste from another add.

16. Do not bother posting if your original post is one big run on sentence. Use the format listed as rule 1.

17. Do not repost items in more then one thread.

18. Upon completion of a sale or receiving items wanted, please report the post saying so.

19. If your thread gets locked, there was a reason for it. Do not open a new one trying to find out why it got locked. PM a moderator if you have a question.

20. Superhonda is not responsible for any interactions on the site.
This forum is here as a courtesy to you.

21. NEW RULE: We are going to try this out and see how it works. If you have less than 50 posts then your thread will be closed and your contact info will be deleted. SuperHonda is not your ebay. This area is for regular members that are trustworthy to sell their items. If you want to sell, then become a member of our community and be more active in other forums of the board.

These rules are set for everyone to have a good experience! Please abide by them! Failing to do so will lead to a locked thread! Thanks for your cooperation! :hug
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