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hey all. i posted this in the parts review thread but i decided to put it here since maybe more of you check out this forum

i just got these for my car few days ago. they are made by an australian company called HotBits. i havent installed them yet but i plan to do so by the end of this week and then i'll take for an alignment. after that i will write a complete review on how the car drives both on the street and at the track (autox and drag raceing).

i know these are for a mitsubishi but hotbits also offers kits for civics. accords. preludes and i belive the 90-93 integras.

they are height adjustable with helper springs and external canisters for the rear shocks. i belive that soon the fronts will also have external canisters for some applications. the shocks are custom made and the internal parts are bilstein components. so they are rebuildable if need be.

they are not dampening or rebound adjustable but according the them the shocks/struts are matched perfectly to the springs.

Spring rates for the Street Race setup is: Fr 200-80/80-20 & Rr 230-40/80-20
camber plates are optional.

i am in no way shape or form affiliated with hotbits.

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