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New Tires

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Ok so my factory Michelins have finally worn out. Not bad for 28000 miles starting at 3 miles from the factory and a few spins while racing in the beginning (wasnt to smart then). Well I need some input from anyone will good experience with theirs. I dont care about 1/4 grip or road noise all I want is good traction on the road while taking turns fast and good grip in raining conditions. I am interested in starting the SCCA since we have it in my area so thats where I plan on driving hard. Thanks for the input.
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Bridgestone SO3s all the way
with those fit stock Si rims
I've gone through Toyo Proxes FZ4, Yokohama A520, Dunlop SP Sport 9000 & a set of Goodyears not even worth mentioning. I'm now riding on Toyo Proxes T1-S & my prayers have been answered. Better wet weather traction than anything I've tried & really stable in corners. It's an awesome all round performance tire but if your looking for something that you'd see at the track this wouldn't be the tire for you. All depends on what you're looking for in a tire. Good luck.
i would go with either, Yokohama, Kumho, or Toyo.
These are the tires I have used for autocrossing:
Toyo FZ4 - suck!
Yokohama A520s - great stick, good wet weather, but loud!
Kumho 712s - good stick, good wet weather, inexpensive
Falken Azenis - great stick, good wet weather, inexpensive

What mods do you have done? You live in Hong Kong and they have SCCA?

If you want maxium traction go for DOT Racing tires: Kumho VictorRacers, Kumho Ecsta V700s
Yeah I am going with the Falkin Azenis. I dont have any mods done to my car yet since I dont want to void my warrenty. Oh yeah I just got back from Hong Kong about a week ago was on vacation for 2 months. Thanks alot for all you help.
Good choice!!!

I have the Kumhos, and I love them. I figured for 60 bucs each, I couldn't go wrong.
v00tecsi said:
Good choice!!!

I have the Kumhos, and I love them. I figured for 60 bucs each, I couldn't go wrong.
The Kumhos are not the greatest. Rain is a bit slippery but once you wear them down they get better. The Azenis just keep gripping no matter what.
I wasn't too impressed by my set of Nitto NT450's, but I really like my Kumho SupraEcsta 712's so far. :D
Here's the crappy list:
Nittos (any of them except the drag radials for drag racing)
Toyo FZ4
stock Michelin tires
Are the Bridgestone Potenzas all they're reputed to be? I'm thinking about getting some, but I don't know if they're worth the money.
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